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Cybersecurity at University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg has long experience in world class research in software cybersecurity.

It is also currently taking part in three of the four Competence Networks funded by the European commission to spearhead its cybersecurity resilience, SPARTA, CONCORDIA and CyberSec4Europe.
The research group particularly involved in CYBERUS is SerVal - Security Design and Validation Research Group. SerVal conducts research on software engineering, and more specifically on modelling and design for security, as well as on validation of functional/security mechanisms for systems and software. Among the issues addressed by the group, we can mention (1) the use of Model Driven Engineering for designing secure systems, (2) model composition and aspect weaving to develop adaptive security and testable mechanisms, (3) the definition of security policies and dedicated testing techniques (mutation, evolutionary algorithms, static analysis) to ensure that functional and security mechanisms (privacy, access control, usage control, encryption) are correctly implemented and deployed. The domains of application concern Ambient Assisted Living using sensor networks, information systems, distributed systems, web-applications, SOA, mobile apps.
SerVal is part of SnT is an internationally leading research and innovations centre (320 staff) that together with partners works to establish Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence for secure, reliable, and trustworthy ICT systems and services. In this context SnT achieves excellence by targeting research topics that create high impact, well beyond the academic community.
SnT focuses on partnership, interdisciplinarity and competitiveness at an international level:

  • Cooperation with external partners is critical to the Centre’s success. A partnership programme allows external partners with a long term interest in developing secure and reliable ICT systems to contribute to the development of SnT at all levels.
  • Achieving secure, reliable and trustworthy ICT requires input from several research disciplines. Our application area focus fosters an interdisciplinary environment bringing together expertise from engineering, natural, law, and human/social sciences to address common challenges.
  • Excellence in research requires the Centre to be highly competitive at an international level. Within our strategic areas, SnT’s portfolio of European projects funded by the European Commission and the European Space Agency plays key role in establishing critical mass.
  • SnT is collaborating with different international partners from industry and academia on research projects.

UL offers a Master in Information System Security Management (MISSM) a developed in partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). This Master aims to train professionals in information security management.

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