Selection process and schedule

The following criteria operate in this hierarchical order:

  1. Applications are first checked for completeness and validity. Those which are incomplete or invalid are not considered further.
  2. Valid applications are evaluated and ranked on the basis of academic or professional merit. This is done through the documents provided by the applicants.
  3. Depending on their ranking and on the number of students foreseen for future admission in each track, the highest-ranking students are invited to an interview.
  4. At interview stage, students are evaluated on the basis of their motivation and their ability to integrate this international programme.
  5. Students are then ranked depending on their overall mark, which includes the mark for merit (60%) and the mark for motivation (40%). The mark is not changed after application of the other criteria.
  6. Two main lists and two waiting lists are then drawn up for each track:
    1. The numbers in each list are determined by the consortium every year.
    2. Students may be offered a place in a track different from the one they selected initially.
  7. Each main list ranks students, first those potentially offered a scholarship and then those only offered a registration fee waiver.
  8. The waiting lists also ranks students. Students on the waiting list are also offered to register as fee-paying students.
  9. In case of equality with male students, female students are promoted right before male students with the same overall mark.
  10. Geographical limitations apply then.
  11. If a student in the main list with a scholarship should decline the offer or should not reply in due time, the next student on the main list is offered a place with a scholarship, except if his/her nationality limit has been reached. If so, the next student on the main list is then considered for a scholarship.
  12. When a place becomes vacant on the main list, the next student on the waiting list is only offered a place on the main list without a scholarship but with a fee-waiver.
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