Visiting researchers

We aim to attract international cybersecurity researchers and also experts from outside academia to take part in teaching and research activities at Université Bretagne Sud – UBS (Lorient, France), Université du Luxembourg - UL (Luxembourg) or Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB (Brussels, Belgium).

We invite you to browse the curriculum here and apply if you feel interested.

The invitation to participate also includes the annual Summer School and Scientific Workshop at UBS (Lorient, France) to be held in June or July every year from 2023.

If your application for teaching in the curriculum is selected, you will be remunerated on an hourly basis. We will also take care of transport and food and lodging while at the host institution.
Participation in research seminars or presentations and in the Summer School and Scientific Workshop is not remunerated.

We expect visiting researchers and experts to:

  • Widen our international perspective,
  • Provide expertise from other relevant fields of application such as Energy, Transport, Banking, Financial market infrastructures, Health, Drinking water supply and distribution, Digital infrastructures, Online marketplaces)
  • Contribute complementary insights from other related cybersecurity domains (cloud computing, industrial cybersecurity, cybercrime, risk management, crisis management, ethics, etc.).
    Contribute to research and development projects.

Visiting researchers and experts will be selected on the basis of their leadership, their international perspectives, their specialised knowledge and their insights into additional application domains.

We strongly invite women to apply.

If you are interested, please send a detailed CV and a letter of motivation to

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