Common services

As a CYBERUS student, you will be entitled to the following services:

  • Support from the Programme Office and the host institutions’ dedicated offices before arrival and during the whole period of study,
  • Guidance on visa and residence procedures, accommodation and administrative procedures including bank accounts,
  • Support for accompanying relatives,
  • Practical advice on place and time of courses,
  • Information sessions before mobility periods,
  • A helpline in case of emergency,
  • Peer support / Mentoring,
  • Special attention to students with disabilities and with special needs,
  • An International Health and Accident Insurance,
  • A common digital identity through an Eduroam account and an immutable email address for the two years of the programme,
  • A Teams account,
  • Access to digital services, including the pedagogical Moodle platform, online libraries, videoconferencing, course schedules, downloadable documents, surveys, etc.,
  • Access to computing facilities,
  • Career guidance,
  • Medical, Psychological and Counselling Services,
  • Sexual Harassment and Violence Support,
  • Gender support,
  • Information on internship and job offers and on networking opportunities,
  • Information on networking opportunities,
  • Social activities,
  • Extra language classes with international students if requested.
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