Learning Outcomes

As a CYBERUS graduate, you will be able to:

  • Manage and transform complex, sometimes unpredictable, environments that require new approaches,
  • Apply an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity,
  • Use professional knowledge and skills, Work responsibly and ethically as individuals and as team members or leaders,
  • Apply essential concepts, principles, and practices, showing judgment in the selection and application of technologies and methods in research and development,
  • Design and develop secure products and security architectures,
  • Test the resistance of software, products and embedded systems to the latest cyberthreats,
  • Determine and analyse product vulnerabilities and security solutions and take appropriate countermeasures to reduce the risk of exploitation,
  • Measure the performance and troubleshoot cybersecurity systems, Implement cybersecurity solutions and practices, information assurance, and cyber/computer forensics software/tools,
  • Identify, analyse and evaluate the cybersecurity needs of an organisation,
  • Design operational and strategic cybersecurity strategies and policies,
  • Monitor cyberthreat and cybersecurity developments,
  • Develop original research, Set up their own businesses,
  • Progress to managerial, consultancy or research positions after a few years’ experience,
  • Operate in unison with in EU cyberstrategy and policies and advise top management,
  • Work smoothly and operate fluently in a multicultural environment.
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