Career prospects

As a CYBERUS graduate, you who will be able to hold diverse positions depending on your chosen specialisation track and your final internship such as: cybersecurity engineer, cybersecurity analyst/assessor, security architect, security product integrator, penetration tester, software developer/engineer, cryptographer, malware analyst, application security expert.

After a few years’ experience, you will be able to assume managerial, consultancy or research roles: chief information security officer (CISO), cybersecurity consultant, cybersecurity manager/administrator, researcher, university professor. The skills students acquire will enable them to work in a wide array of domains such as (secure) telecommunications between objects (car key, remote control, telephones, etc.), (secure) banking transactions and encryption of information, (secure) insurance operations and insurance contracts for cyber risks, (secure) energy provision, medical devices (pacemakers, insulin pumps, monitoring devices), transport (autonomous cars, airplane electronics), and safe Internet browsing (cyberspace security, virus detection).

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