If you are an excellent student anywhere in the world, whatever your social background, if you want to study cybersecurity in a challenging multicultural environment, CYBERUS is just for YOU.

If you are afraid you cannot afford such a prestigious programme, we offer scholarships of €1,400/month and fee waivers to the best students. We also offer other support mechanisms. Do not let financial matters hinder your ambitions. DO apply. Learn more about the programme here.

If you are a female student and would like to study cybersecurity, DO apply. Cybersecurity needs female talents. 

If you suffer disabilities, do not let them hamper your talent. CYBERUS is also for YOU. If you are selected, mention you have special needs before arrival so that they can be taken care of. 

If you are an academic or an expert in cybersecurity or cybersecurity-related fields and would like to take part in CYBERUS teaching, training, seminars, workshops or summer schools, we welcome contributions. Feel free to contact us at cyberus@listes.univ-ubs.fr.

If you are a private or public organization, your contribution may be welcome. We are particularly looking for future internship offers in cybersecurity and for funding of deserving students. Interested? Contact us at cyberus@listes.univ-ubs.fr.

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